Having a baby? Here's a checklist of what you'll need to pack for your hospital bag

If you're about to have a new baby, you're probably wondering "What do I need to pack in my baby bag to take to the hospital?"

So you’ve made it through eight months of pregnancy, you've decided where to have the baby, your birth partner is prepped, and you've probably even planned your route to the hospital.

One final thing you will need to take care of is making a baby checklist for your maternity bag. 

Apart from what you will need for yourself, you will also need to consider that you will be leaving the hospital with someone else you need to pack for!

Here at orange bibs, we consider ourselves to be the expert in baby bibs, particularly sustainable baby bibs, however we also know a thing or two about having babies. So we have compiled a comprehensive list of everything you will need to take to hospital.

Got anything to add to the list, please post in the comments!

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 Hospital bag essentials:

  1. Front opening PJs or a nursing nighty (to make it easy to breastfeed) x 2

  2. Dressing gown.

  3. Slippers.

  4. Flip Flops (for shower).

  5. Big, comfortable cotton knickers in black x 6 pairs.

  6. Nursing Bras x 2 

  7. A set of loose-fitting clothes to come home in.

  8. Toiletries you will need such as face wash and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

  9. Nipple Cream such as Lansinoh, this is available from any chemist or online.

  10. Maternity pads. You will need a lot of these! You will have postpartum bleeding after birth. This is similar to a heavy period and the heaviest part will last up to ten days, and it usually continues for around six weeks after birth.

  11. Breast pads. These will become your new best friends and you will carry them everywhere. Brands such as cheeky wipes do reusable breast pads which can be washed, or you can buy eco friendly degradable pads from places like eco by naty.

  12. A towel.

  13. A watch, or general time-telling device such as your phone.

  14. Change for the car park - the carpark may take bank cards but this isnt always the case.

  15. Mobile phone and phone charger.

  16. The big white maternity records book.

  17. Car seat.

What do I need during labour?

  1. What to wear during labour? Either a loose nursing nighty or a loose dress. Make sure it has nursing straps or can be pulled down if you want to breastfeed immediately after birth.

  2. Hair bobble to keep your hair back.

  3. Hand held fan as maternity wards are very bot as newborns need it to be warm.

  4. Water, Lucozade, any kind of drink you fancy. Remember you will not want your birth partner to leave the room once labour has started so you need to come prepared with sustenance.  

  5. Any snacks you may need in case its a long labour.

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Things needed for baby:

  1. Nappies (new born size 1) - lots!

  2. Cotton wool. You wont need baby wipes initially as baby’s skin is so delicate that you just use damp cotton wool.

  3. Nappy Cream - something like Sudocrem.

  4. Baby grows. You can get really good value basic baby grows from the supermarkets, such as Sainsbury's. Baby will go through them really quickly especially if they are often sick and if you are in hospital for a longer period of time following a c-section. Make sure you get a mixture of sizes - the ones for first baby and possibly some 0-3 months in case you have a bigger baby. It might be nice to get that one special baby grow to take them home in.

  5. Hat.

  6. Socks.

  7. Cardigan.

  8. Shawl / cellular cot blanket to come home in.

I think that about covers it!

This list was collated through personal experience and the advice of friends. If you've got any additions, hints, tips to add, please let us know and we will add to the article! 

Eventually, baby will start weaning, and when they do, if you want big, stain-free, sustainable baby bibs - you know where to come :)


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