This Manchester company have created the world's most eco-friendly baby bib

Orange bibs is a new Manchester-based company with a vision to produce the world’s most environmentally friendly baby products. Starting with, you guessed it - orange bibs.

The company is founded by husband and wife couple Lee and Elizabeth Jones. Lee is a Marketing Manager and Elizabeth is a Fashion Buyer. They are parents of two under two; Evie & Jesse (both can be seen modelling the bibs on their Instagram).

Fed up of constantly pulling stained white bibs out of the washing machine, the idea originated with Lee questioning why all bibs were white when all baby foods were seemingly orange. 

“It was kind of a joke at first" Lee revealed "I asked Liz - can we start a company that creates orange bibs so they don't stain? She said yes only if they are 100% sustainable. I replied - no stain on the bib, or the planet? I think we have something here!”

Elizabeth started reaching out to find the best suppliers for GOTS certified cotton and vegetable-based dye.

“We had to go through a lot of iterations and samples to find the perfect bib - we wanted it to be sustainable, of the highest quality, but also affordable. The perfect shade of orange was also key.”

As well as being made from sustainable fabrics and dye, the bib has a long, simple tie so it avoids any plastic or metal poppers. The design also features a larger than standard surface area, to avoid getting food on the baby’s clothes.

Once they had developed the 100% eco-friendly product, the founders wanted to ensure that the whole supply chain was equally sustainable, so they sourced recycled cardboard for the labels from alocalprinter and all bibs are delivered in biodegradable packaging from Better packaging company.

The company launched in September 2019, and though they have an ambitious long term roadmap with global reach and diversification of products (baby grows and muslin blankets are already in the sample phase), they are focusing their early efforts locally in Manchester.

“We’re intentionally starting soft and local, to try and build the brand organically. Manchester has such an amazing sense of community, social responsibility and local pride, we feel like we’re in the perfect place to launch".

The couple are brand-building, networking, and hoping to connect with local independent retailers in the near future about stocking the bibs. 

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